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We Believe in the
Creation of Blue Squirrels*

maple apps isn’t simply another mobile app developer — we are different in every way. We don’t do app development as a service — we only create our own products. We don’t focus on a single idea — we are serial entrepreneurs. We don’t guess what might or might not fly — we measure, analyze, learn and act accordingly. We call it Lean Product Incubation.

Never seen any blue squirrels? We haven’t either, but we are sure they would seriously kick ass.


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The 1337 MAPLE APPS team

From Cologne to the World

Aiming for ten product launches a year, meant having to generate more than 1,000 ideas, creating over 50 landing pages to determine traction and finally developing 10 apps on 2 platforms — every year. For that we needed a tight team. A team of developers who have a keen sense for business, of businessmen with a passion for development and designers who can impart knowledge between all three worlds. A team to deliver the ultimate minimal viable product ten times every year.

  • 3 Developers
    40%  Android, 35% iOS, 15% Backend, 10% Web
  • 2 Businessmen
    40% Strategy, 40% Metrics, 20% Operations
  • 1 Designer
    70% Interaction Design, 30% Brand Design
Lean Product Incubation candidates performance

Lean Product Incubation

We believe that the biggest risk in startup is the single idea your whole attempt revolves around. All pivots in the world cannot protect you against finding out that this singular idea might be flawed, or that simply no-one cares. What if you could partially eliminate this risk by testing a multitude of ideas in the real world. Let your potential customers decide what idea is worth pursuing and which is not. If we could come up with a system that could measure traction in ideas from the very start, it just might be possible to predict an idea’s success potential at a very early stage some day.

  • 1000+
    ideas per year
  • 200+
    ideation meetings per year
  • 50+
    landing pages per year
  • 10
    product launches per year
  • X
    successful products

Levels 1–2:
Early Traction

Every idea has to prove its worth by performing as a landing page. We track every double opt-in subscription over a fixed period of time and advertising budget. This is what we call level 1. The most promising 50% of those ideas (in terms of total subscribers, conversion rate and cost per acquisition) then advance to the next level where they get more ad budget and a problem interview survey.

Levels 3:

The most promising two ideas face each other in a 1 on 1 showdown on level 3. Their landing pages are enriched with product mockups and more detailed product information, they get even more ad budget and we do a solution interview survey to find out which features are the most important and which features can be dropped for the minimal viable product. Only the winner will live on and see the light of day.

Level 4:
Minimal Viable Product

Only the best performing idea gets actual development time. On level 4 the minimal viable product is designed, developed and shipped. That’s when it gets real. Now the product has to prove itself in the app store(s). If the product’s CLV (customer lifetime value) can surpass its CPA (cost per acquisition) we have created a scalable and maintainable product. A product that can be taken to a whole new level.